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Online Recharge - PAYTM

Mobile Recharge
DTH Recharge
Data Card Recharge
Mobile Bill Payments
Data Card Bill Payments
Landline Bill Payments
Electricity Bill Payments
Toll Card Recharges
Gas Bill Payments

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Web TeamViewer - Remote Access

Remote Access Anytime, Anywhere
    On the road or in the office, you will always have the necessary credentials to remotely access important computers or contacts at your fingertips through your TeamViewer Account.

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HTML DRIVE - Happy Coding

Cool site for Free Dhtml scripts, Jquery plugins ,Javascript, CSS, CSS3, Html5 Library

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Ammyy - Remote Control

Ammyy Admin is a reliable, trustworthy and affordable software for remote assistance, administration, remote desktop sharing and distance education from any place in the World. 

    Ammyy Admin doesn't require installation or specific settings adjustments. The remote desktop is available for work within a few seconds after Ammyy Admin has been started. 

    The key advantages of Ammyy Admin are: ease of use, a high standard of data transfer security, multitude of features, and affordability for a broad range of personal and corporate users.

    Ammyy Admin is free for non-commercial use!

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Online Transliteration Tool

   Quillpad is the Number One predictive transliteration tool for inputting Indian languages. Unlike the rule-based phonetic transliteration solutions where users had to type by memorizing clumsy key combinations, Quillpad provided a huge leap in ease of use by enabling users to type in free-style, without having to follow any rigid typing rules. Launched in 2006, Quillpad is the first Indic transliteration solution to use statistical machine learning method for intelligently converting user entered free-style phonetic input to its accurate representation in a chosen Indian language.

     Today, apart from providing free Indian language typing interface to the online users, Quillpad powers Indian language input interfaces for leading portals to large government initiatives.  Leading licensees of Quillpad technology include Yahoo!, Indiatimes.com, Rediff.com, In.com, OnMobile and UIDAI.

     At Quillpad we are working on several other Indian language technologies and services which we believe will contribute in taking the Internet and its benefits to every Indian. We believe that In a country with more than a billion people and 22 prominent languages, English is certainly not enough. It will never be enough.

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PageSpeed Insights

    Page Speed Insights measures the performance of a page for mobile devices and desktop devices. It fetches the url twice, once with a mobile user-agent, and once with a desktop-user agent.

    The PageSpeed Score ranges from 0 to 100 points. A higher score is better and a score of 85 or above indicates that the page is performing well. Please note that PageSpeed Insights is being continually improved and so the score will change as we add new rules or improve our analysis.

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Create online Signature

Create and generate your custom e-signatures live using our online signature creator tool. No downloads or plugins required and easy to create your personal handwritten digital signature in few steps. Use your electronic signatures in Forms, Emails, Websites, Blogs, Forums, Word Docs, PDFs, etc.

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